Futuristic Tea Set By Kochurov Evgenii

Futuristic Tea Set, Kochurov Evgenii
Tea Set designed by Evgenii Kochurov was developed based on the mission in the Urals State Academy Architecture and Arts. Well, the tea set features 3 items including 2 cups interconnected plus a kettle. The principal idea of this job is to create an informative tea set. It is unlike traditional tea sets. It boasts a touch screen located at the diameter of the kettle, which displays in liters and milliliters amount of water decanted into the teapot. Things such as water temperature and time are all user-selectable. This way, a user can keep track of the amount of water poured along with the water temperature as well.

Future Tea Set, Kochurov Evgenii
Futuristic Kitchen gadget, Tea Set, Kochurov Evgenii
Future Kitchen device, Tea Set, Kochurov Evgenii
Designer: Kochurov Evgenii

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