G-navi – Guide Dog Navigation

G-navi, Guide Dog Navigation, Shawn Youndong Kim
Pets in some or the other way have been useful for mankind. Taking this a step further is G-navi, designed by Industrial Designer Shawn Youndong Kim of Sydney, Australia. This navigation system that comes clubbed with a microphone will make mobility of people with restricted eyesight easy and more efficient. One can easily train their pets with the help of this device and teach them in terms of directions.

It brings into play the GPS technologies that are used during Horse riding. This device conveniently gets activated when the user and guide dog need to take a turn. The leather collar that comes equipped with a controlling system after learning which direction the dog is supposed to go will get activated. For eg. it will turn the dog’s head towards left after the G-navi device angles towards left, in case of a left turn.
G-navi, Guide Dog Navigation, Shawn Youndong Kim
Apart from this gadget will connect devices like laptops and cell phones via Bluetooth for easy exchange of information. A person can without any added effort register number of favorite locations and can alter all whenever required. In case any emergency pops up it will not leave you mid-way. G-navi’s emergency call function will easily link you with your family member, police station or hospital through its RFID and Wireless Technology.
G-navi, Guide Dog Navigation, Shawn Youndong Kim
The main objective of this piece of equipment is to help visually impaired people move around with extra advantages and enhanced systems. It will instantly click with people who love pets and those into dog and horse training. The police can take advantage of this navigation system as they will be able to guide sniffing dogs with utmost preciseness.
Pets are innocent creatures and need to be trained well before one can actually depend on them in terms of directions. But mostly people who have visibility problem are either dependent on a white stick or a guide dog to show them way and avoid any mishaps. These pets need to be trained rigorously before one can depend on them one hundred percent, as they tend to get confused between commands or when not in a mood don’t take commands at all. So, G-navi makes sure such a situation does not crop up.
G-navi, Guide Dog Navigation, Shawn Youndong Kim
Specially designed for the visually impaired is G-navi. It will ensure that such people don’t feel restricted when it comes to moving around with confidence. Not only will it improve mobility but is also an apt method to train and guide your pets. Apart from all this, the navigation system can be easily coupled with your laptop and cellular phone. In case of an emergency one can make calls for help or even otherwise talk to family and friends.
Designer: Shawn Youndong Kim

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