Hand-Eye Supply: LaCie IamaKey, CooKey and WhisKey USB flash drives

We know USB flash drives have been around forever, in fact USB 2.0 technology debuted over a decade ago (April 2000), and in that time we've seen endless iterations on the form but this key-shaped flash drive by 5.5 designers for LaCie nailed it. We're not the only fans either — they recently picked up a Gold IDEA Award — and the IamaKey, CooKey and WhisKey are now one of LaCie's most popular products.
So until you have complete faith in the cloud, can get a connection everywhere, and effortlessly jump on your clients network to transfer files, USB flash drives are not going to be made obsolete anytime soon!
- 4GB and 8GB available
- Sturdy metal ultra-thin design; fits on a keyring
- Universal Hi-Speed USB 2.0 interface (PC and Mac)
- Fast transfer rates (up to 30 MB/s)
- Gold SIP technology, water- and scratch-resistant
IamaKey, CooKey and WhisKey:
4GB - $19.99
8GB - $29.99
Buy Here
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