NY Design Week 2011: Uhuru Goes Naval in Noho

[Update: More installation shots at our NY Design Week 2011: Noho Design District Photo Gallery.]
Brooklyn's Uhuru presented War Craft the third "local materials" collection at Noho Design District this year, taking the decommissioned USS North Carolina as their point of departure. The team, led by founders Bill Hilgendorf and Jason Horvath, drew on the theme of maritime warfare for inspiration for the four pieces, going so far as to build the "War Craft Coffee Table Wearing Dazzle" out of planks salvaged from the USS North Carolina's deck.
The "16/45" end tables allude to "the colossal diameter and caliber of the bullets that were onboard the USS North Carolina" and can be crafted from teak or cold-rolled steel.
Similarly, the "Mark-8" room divider is a four-panel folding screen that is distinguished by full-length mirrors on each panel—each a life-size silhouette of the bullets, to impart a "sense of scale to the massive and destructive weapons on-board."
Lastly, the "BB-55" rocker is modeled after naval designs, with a hull-like curvature, teak base, steel frame and woven seat that "references Measure 32 camouflage, which was used on the ship to avoid detection when travelling through open water."
While the furniture complemented the raw space very nicely, though Uhuru's site has much higher-quality images:

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