NY Design Week 2011: University of Oregon's Flat [In]Pact Chair

Eco-PackChair2.jpgUniversity of Oregon's Brittney Rekate's EcoChair
Brittney Rekate's modern twist on Rococo was impossible to resist. A spunky, universally chic homage to Marie Antoinette, this chair masters what the Queen of France was never very good at—avoiding waste. This birch laminated plywood design packs flat—completely flat, and the packing peanuts left over in the shipping box can double as filler for the fabric seat cushion and back.
Part of the University of Oregon's Flat [In]Pact, a show orchestrated by 12 Product Design students; the installation was designed to illustrated innovative design, sustainability and environmental impact via materials, production and choices.
Each of the 12 pieces are hand-finished and assembled using very little glue and no hardware. Light-weight and designed to ship flat to minimize carbon footprint, the designs push consumers to think full-circle—design, construction and travel are all carefully taken in to account, providing peace of mind for designers and buyers alike. If only Marie Antoinette had been so conscientious...France might have been more forgiving.
LCAmat1.jpgFlat [In]Pact's Sustainably-Minded Designs at New York's Design Week.

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