NY Design Week 2011: BRC Designs at ICFF

BRC-booth_via_Flickr.jpgAll images courtesy BRC Design unless otherwise noted
We've already had a two-part look at Benjamin Rollins Caldwell's Binary Collection, but the South Carolina-based designer had a few more tricks up his sleeve to round out the rest of his Spring 2011 Collection.
First up, we got a closer look at the Binary Collection, which was displayed alongside the "Interweb" chair, which is made of salvaged and stripped coaxial cable in a reclaimed bathroom stall frame.
Label-Whore-inbooth.jpgBenjamin Lehn for Core77
The other half of the booth consisted of two new concepts, each executed in two designs. A pair of denim-based designs included the "Label Whore" low table and "Pockets" rug to match your Canadian tuxedo (no offense, of course, to our neighbors to the North).
Video of B.R.C. himself after the jump...
BRC-lead.jpgBenjamin Lehn for Core77
Meanwhile, the "Korobeiniki" chair (above) and "Hammer Chair" (below) are fabricated out of dismembered pianos: the former from the keys and the latter from the hammers, where the substructure of each piece also comes from old pianos.
Caldwell assures us that the "Hammer Chair" is strong enough to support someone's weight, though he quips that "you would rather be beaten by hammers than sit in this chair (due to it's uncomfortable nature." The piece is decorative, "meant to be [hung on a wall], mimicking the shaker tradition of hanging chairs on the wall and out of the way when not in use."
If you're curious about the man behind the designs, we have a video walkthrough of the "Korobeiniki" chair (apologies in advance for the poor sound quality):

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