Roastie Toaster Concept By Mateusz Glowka

Roastie Toaster, future kitchen device, Mateusz Glowka
Walter Mossberg once said “Why shouldn’t a PC work like a refrigerator or a toaster?” These words were a source of inspiration for a genius design student named Mateusz Główka, from the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Poland. He has come up with a technologically advanced and eye-catching design toaster he calls “Roastie.”

Roastie Toaster, future kitchen gadget, Mateusz Glowka
This toaster has a very appealing, compact design built into a transparent sphere. One can easily monitor the toast for doneness with the naked eye. It has a unique toasting mechanism with heating elements built into the arms. These arms can rotate around the piece of bread just like a ferris wheel, thereby ensuring even toasting. Its innovative sphere doesn’t allow the heat to escape, thus reducing the toasting time along with energy consumption.
Roastie Toaster, future kitchen, Mateusz Glowka
Use of premium quality raw material adds to durability and quality of this toaster. Being portable in make, this toaster can be easily carried almost anywhere. However, the only disadvantage associated with this toaster is one can prepare only one slice at a time. Still, the “Roastie” shows lots of promise owing to its cutting-edge features.
Roastie, future Toaster, Mateusz Glowka

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