Futuristic Mobile Phone Designs Show Up At LG’s 3rd Annual Design The Future Competition

LG, future mobile phone
Mobile phones of the future are all set to turn into technological marvels, if LG decides to put any of these designs into phone manufacturing that is. The company recently announced the winners of the 3rd Annual Design the Future Competition in which, participants set out to designs phones of the future. And they did come up with some pretty awesome designs to! Virginia Tech ID students, Zack Filbert, Chris Carpenter, James Connors, and Kees Luyendijk won the first place with their design.

LG, 3D interface, futuristic phone
The runners up were no less awesome. The Premium won second place, with a 3D interface, that hooks on to a car for a full fledged infotainment system and car-info system. Dua Xiong won the Prop Mater’s Choice Award for the Flutter, a fan-like smartphone that opens up to display a OLED touch screen. This phone will feature in a future film too! The Atlas phone grabbed attention too, with a dock featuring a tracking system which senses hand gestures and projecting the pages. Yet another phone design to look out for was the Surface, a watch phone with a Braille-like design system. Future phones are all set to be technological design marvels.
LG, future cellphone
LG, futuristic mobile phone

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