Serendipity – Social Networking Device By Hoang Nguyen (video)

Serendipity, Social Networking Device, Hoang Nguyen
Look at the picture above and try to guess what the product is. Well, let me tell you, if you are thinking it is a modern version of a pocket watch then I am really sorry to say that your guess is wrong. The cute round looking thing called Serendipity is actually a social networking tool.

Serendipity, Social Networking Device, Future gadget
Man is a social animal and cannot live without interacting with others. From ages communication modes have changed for good, the latest being connecting online and through other digital/ electronic sources. Social networking has become an essential part of everyone’s life. Not only does it help us stay in touch with our loved ones but also is an important mode to find new people or even jobs. In the world of Facebook and My Space, Serendipity by Hoang M Nguyen will shrink the world even further. This handy and lightweight gadget comes with a system that will easily let strangers monitor your likes and dislikes without any hitch. This social interaction tool makes the most of the surveillance concept and creates an interaction which the designer has tagged as coveillance. The device will scrutinize every trivial detail available and present it in front of you.
Serendipity, future Social Networking Device
Not only this, Serendipity comes loaded with applications. You name an application and it is there. The menu is quite incredible and one can scroll through the software by rotating the metal ring. It comes with a full QWERTY keypad which makes typing fun. The tool can be easily customized according to one’s whims and fancies. You can easily play games with people, check out their pictures and music as well. It also has radar that works in a 50 meter radius, so keeping a close eye on someone’s movements is now easy. Spying on someone has never been so simple and fun. Put up your information or your resume and see how easily people will be able to track and getting touch with you.
Serendipity, Social Networking gadget, Hoang Nguyen
Kick away your hefty PC and laptops as with Serendipity you will be able carry your friendly and social instincts in your pocket/bag.
Serendipity, Social Network
Serendipity, Future gadget
Serendipity, Future Device, Hoang Nguyen
Serendipity, Social Networking Device, Hoang Nguyen

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