Saab & Nespresso Concept

Saab, Nespresso, future car
This future concept car’s design was realized by first-year students from Sweden’s Umea University who worked on this project for 10 weeks. The emphasis on design was to redefine brand and interplay with their identity and come up with something more innovative and stunning.
Saab, Nespresso, future car
Starting with the body design, it will be hard to guess if this concept car is a coupe, sedan or a pick up. In fact it draws it features from all of them. With a customizable DRG, wheel rim that changes color and upholstery panel were the main ingredients in redefining design standards. Innovative solutions to maximize the available space include a pull-out trunk, an extendable rear deck, a flexible loading deck and rear deck lounge area. Finally, to improve the safety standards the center console has been pushed to the outer edge of the seat frames.
Saab, Nespresso, future car
Saab aerospace heritage were also a part of the design which includes the classic Saab wrapped around windscreen and ‘hockey stick’ C-pillar. As the future concept cars embark on being eco friendly, so does this. The roof of the car is covered with solar panels and the rear deck is covered by a solar fin which powers the owner’s house when the car is parked.
Saab, Nespresso, concept vehicle
Saab, Nespresso, Concept car
Saab, Nespresso, future Vehicle
Saab, Nespresso, future auto

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