Epiphany Yacht

Epiphany Yacht
Yachts are becoming a thing of luxury and pushing designers to create unique pieces which will cover the stretches of water with panache. Nathan Gendotti along with Caan Yaylali and John Guarino has designed a yacht christened Epiphany that comes with an ability to transform and measures 113 feet in length and 30 feet in breadth. The yacht that looks like a sports car has been given a sleek appearance with all the swiftness intact. Once it touches a dock or cove a whole new experience unfurls transforming it instantly.

Epiphany, Future Yacht
It has a range of 10 knts/900rpm 3000 N.Miles, at 15knts/2000rpm 2500 N.Miles and at 20knts/2500rpm 1800 N.Miles. The hull beautifully conceals the anchor in the triangle shaped cuts that are present at the bow of the yacht. The cuts slide and drop down the anchor straight into the water body. The deck is quite spacious and comes decorated with a hot tub placed in the center. The tub can be opened separately or with the sliding deck pieces that reveal more outdoor deck space giving this yacht a huge gathering space to enjoy.
Epiphany, Yacht Concept
A master suite has been crafted in the middle of the yacht that measures 30 feet in length and 17 feet in breadth along with a private bathroom. The suite is built at water level and has walls that can be folded down on both sides of the hull. This creates a water level private deck with water access. Apart from a master suite Epiphany will have a guest suite and two guest bunk rooms along with a captain’s quarter and a crew quarter which will comprise two bunk rooms.
Epiphany, Futuristic Yacht
Connecting the main center deck with the helm on the next level up and the crew quarters down below are stairs fashioned in spiral manner. Looking down from the helm is a living room that comes attached with a balcony for unrestricted view. The dining room comes attached with a kitchen which will further take you till the two guest bunks that have been positioned in the bow. Another stairwell will lead you till the guest suite and also the entrance to the master suite.
Epiphany, Innovation Yacht
The back comes wedged with a superstructure that has a glass sun roof. The roof slides open and has a 16 foot diameter opening, which is the same as the main entrance of the superstructure. Extending out from the rear of the yacht is a back platform. A storage space is created as the half of the stairs on the port side can be lifted up and slid under the deck. Epiphany Yacht is all about clubbing comfort with a speedy experience.
Epiphany, Unique Yacht
Epiphany, transforming Yacht
Epiphany, Future Yacht
Epiphany, Luxury Yacht
Epiphany SuperYacht
Epiphany, Luxury Yacht
Designers: Nathan Gendotti, Caan Yaylali, John Guarino
Source:   DesignBuzz.com

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