Samsung Proxima Mobile Phone By Johan Loekito

Samsung Proxima, Future Phone, Johan Loekito
How often do we misplace our cellphone at home and public places and how much time we spend in locating it? The answer to these questions would most likely be ‘very often’ and ‘quite a lot’. Here is a cell phone idea designed for Samsung by Johan Loekito that solves our above problems. This cellphone is detachable with a wristband acting as its dock. A proximity sensor would make the wristband emit a tone or vibrate if the phone is too far away from it. Similarly we could find the missing phone just by pressing a button on the wristband. Moreover this phone would also be capable of detecting contacts close by using the same device, thus allowing us to set our privacy and location details. Now if only this phone would be traceable even in silent or switch off modes, it would be of any use.

Samsung Proxima, Future  Phone, Johan Loekito
Samsung Proxima, Futuristic CellPhone, Johan Loekito
Samsung Proxima, future watch, Concept Phone, Johan Loekito
Samsung Proxima, Unique Phone, Johan Loekito

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