Xbox Mini By Camille Jean

Xbox Mini, Camille Jean, Future Game gadget
Designer Camille Jean is bound to send gamers into a tizzy with her Xbox Mini concept. Jean has answered the dreams of millions of fanboys with her mock-up that turns the popular Xbox console into a pocket-sized handheld.

Xbox Mini, Camille Jean, joystick, Future Game gadget
Microsoft is currently the only member of the gaming big three (Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo) to not have a portable gaming system. The Xbox Mini is designed to fill that void with its unique yet practical design.
Xbox Mini, d-pad, Camille Jean, Future Game gadget
The Xbox Mini is a slider console, sliding left and right to close and open. The Xbox Mini features two joysticks and a d-pad, putting it well ahead of the PSP, which was harped on for having only one analog stick, and the Nintendo DS, which was ruthlessly criticized for having none. Overall, the Xbox Mini looks good with my only complaint being the Xbox logo that obscures the right part of the screen.
Xbox Mini, Camille Jean, Future Game gadget

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