Solar Camera Strap By Weng Jie

Solar Camera Strap, Green gadget, Weng Jie
There are some concepts you wish would materialize right away. One of them is definitely the concept solar camera strap by designer Weng Jie. Many a times you are out clicking pictures and you realize your DSLR is running low on battery and you have forgotten to carry extra batteries with you. If there is no shop nearby, you have to return unhappy without clicking the pictures. But if the concept solar powered strap becomes a reality, you won’t ever have to worry about running out of battery. The concept strap features solar cells along that part of the strap that goes around your neck. Just attach it to your camera and step out in the sun and it will immediately begin charging your camera.

A great for absent minded photographers who always forget to take extra batteries, this concept strap needs to materialize soon.

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