TS4 Compact Security Body Scanner

TS4 Compact Security Body Scanner , ThruVision Systems
ThruVision Systems has officially unveiled to the world, the most high-tech body scanner ever. Dubbed the TS4, this compact security body scanner was presented at the Farnborough International Air Show in Hampshire. The high-tech security scanner can detect everything from explosives, liquids, narcotics, weapons, plastics to ceramics hidden under clothing. What is more, the TS4 can image both metallic and non-metallic threat objects concealed on still or moving subjects, without revealing body details and also without radiating the person with energy. The TS4 functions collecting natural thermal energy which is generated by all people. The TS4 with its high-tech configurations and improved image definition provides a more compact, yet more effective and powerful alternative to full body scanners. Its main advantage has to be that it offers a larger field of use and usability.

Designed for use in both checkpoint and stand-off people screening applications, its compact size enables it to be deployed discreetly as well. The TS4 had a successful trial run at a major European airport ad reportedly a number of government agencies and security companies have already showed interest in it.Given the passive imaging technology and compact size along with the assurance of no side effects generated from the radiating waves, this TS4 will surely be welcomed by all.

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