Bracket Clock By Olga Kalugina

Bracket Clock, Olga Kalugina
Bracket Clock is a unique concept table clock made by Olga Kalugina that has no hands but it is not a digital clock either. In fact, instead of hands the clock tells time via shades. On the border of the clock dial there are two rows of light tubes. The first row indicates the hours while the second, the minutes. The light tubes put their light on a small eminence in the center of the clock dial that makes shades. What is more, due to its unique design that protects it from light, the clock will tell time via the shades during broad daylight as well. The case is made of silver. The beautiful design matched by the unique time telling method is sure to make this concept watch a must-have table/desk accessory. What is more, through this clock the designer hopes to remind the consumers that time is fleeting, it is only a shade.

Bracket Clock, Future Gadget, Olga Kalugina
Bracket Clock, Future device, Olga Kalugina

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