Universal Plug By Seungwoo Kim

Universal Plug, Seungwoo Kim, green gadget
Reminding individual to conserve energy at all times, Seungwoo Kim’s concept plug is definitely one that has high production potential. While you may remember to turn off the lights to conserve energy, most tend to forget that leaving appliances plugged in contributes to wasting power. Seungwoo Kim therefore created a plug with a built-in light around the hollow center that glows when the room is dark. The light acts as a reminder that whatever is in the socket needs to be taken out. Another advantage to the invention is the hollow opening itself; Kim designed it specifically to make it easier to extract the plug by simply putting your finger through the hole and gently pulling it.

Universal Plug, Seungwoo Kim, eco gadget
Universal Plug, Seungwoo Kim, future device

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