Universal Communicator By Sebastian Popa

Universal Communicator, future gadget, Sebastian Popa
People with disabilities are always made to feel different. Even when it comes to any kind of technology, such people are never kept in mind when designing a product. Either a product can be used by normal people or it is exclusively crafted for disabled ones, hence creating a gap. Killing such differences is a handy device called the Universal Communicator which has been designed by Sebastian Popa. Talk face to face or with people residing at a far off place, it will never let you down. People who have difficulty in speaking, hearing or even seeing can use this device without any hitch similar to those who are absolutely normal.

Universal Communicator, Sebastian Popa
The design will capture your senses as soon as you lay your eyes on it. This simple to store device consists of a ring and a bracelet, which is apt for facilitating a conversation. The bracelet worn on the wrist comes attached with a microphone which sends out messages that are spoken, when positioned near the mouth. The ring will help you listen to all the talks when placed near the ear as it comes embedded with a speaker. The device is totally water proof, which means removing the bracelet and ring will take a backseat when someone wants to make contact with water. The Universal Communicator has been crafted out of material that is extremely supple; hence it can fit onto any wrist size.
Universal Communicator, Sebastian Popa
It comes with multiple usages and is beneficial for both normal and disabled people. In fact it will help people from both the genres to interact without much difficulty. Its supple shell ensures that the device fits on everyone. The Universal Communicator consists of a bracelet and a ring, placed on both hands, which helps strike a conversation. If a person can talk and is not mute, he can position the microphone near the mouth and converse. Through the speaker positioned on the ring, such people can easily hear received vocal messages. But in case someone is deaf or mute (who use sign language) the message becomes visible on the screen after their actions are converted into icons, audio or text messages. Placing the device on both hands helps read movements from both hands for utmost accuracy.
Universal Communicator, futuristic device, Sebastian Popa
Communicating with normal people has always been very difficult for people with hearing or speaking problems and vice versa. One feels even more handicapped when conversing via messages or phones is concerned. Bridging such a gap is the Universal Communicator which recognizes hand movements in terms of signs through sensors. These signs are further converted into text and vocal messages and also icons through a system in the bracelet. Hence, it makes a person with disabilities communicate with others easily and more efficienty.
Universal Communicator, future device, Sebastian Popa
The device directly targets people with disabilities. Even deaf, mute or blind people can talk face to face, courtesy the Universal Communicator. It will not only make possible communication between deaf/mute people and normal ones but will also prove beneficial for blind. In short it will ensure that this device clears all hindrance when it comes to communication between any kinds of people.

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