Electolux Wirio – Futuristic Cooking Device By Sebastian Popa

Electolux Wirio, Future kitchen gadget, Sebastian Popa
Here is another awesome concept portable kitchen. Dubbed the Wirio, it is the brainchild of designer Sebastian Popa. Listed as one of the top 25 best projects of the Electrolux Design Lab 2009, it is truly a class apart. The sleek Wirio allows you to cook a variety of meals and courtesy its mobility feature, you can cook almost anywhere. This portability feature of the amazing concept lets you cook while you interact with friends and family. In fact, the unique concept will allow a number of people to give their inputs and add their touches to the various meals. Furthermore, its appeal is increased by the fact that it is made entirely in environmentally friendly materials, making it the most perfect portable kitchen of the future.

Designer: Sebastian Popa

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