Polaroid iPhone Dock Concept

Polaroid iPhone Dock Concept
The introduction of digital world into our lives has made us dump some beautiful things of the past. One such thing that the digital cameras and cell phones have killed is the charm of photographs printed on paper. Mac Funamizu has come up with a Polaroid iPhone Dock Concept that will print photos just like a Polaroid.

Polaroid iPhone, future gadget
It will beautifully seal the memories on paper by printing the picture as soon as you click it. One can upload the pictures on websites like Flickr where a QR code can be added at the back. A geo-tagged map can be connected to a digital version, which will also show where the picture was clicked for added memories.
Polaroid iPhone Dock Concept
So, if you are someone like me, who loves to seal memories on paper, then Polaroid iPhone Dock Concept is one evolution that will make you feel elated.
Polaroid iPhone Dock Concept, future device

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