Cube Wrist Watch By Matthias Zschaler

Cube Wrist Watch, Matthias Zschaler
Time pieces act pretty well as a fashion statement. Wrist watches of all shapes and sizes are available today, ticking away, waiting for you to strap them around your hand and help you with your punctuality issues. One such unique watch we came across is the concept Cube. Designed by Matthias Zschaler, the watch is basically designed to look like an isometric geometric drawing of a cube, like those figures we’d draw in our geometry books back in elementary school. The watch boasts a digital display and comes in a host of colors to suit your taste. Stylish yet minimalist and simple, the Cube uses an under screen technology to display the time and will sure find its place on wrists.

Future Watch, Matthias Zschaler
This one sure will make you keep looking at the time, over and over again, assuring that you always are on time!
Fantastic Watch, Matthias Zschaler
Future Wrist Watch, Matthias Zschaler

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