Water Power Player By Ting Feng

Water Power Player, Future Music gadget, Ting Feng
Ever wondered if there is a common factor between music and water? Well, both can relax your mind and body. Music can soothe your mind instantly. If you are in one of the swimming pools, you are surely rejoicing in another form of relaxation. The combination of the musical world and the water world is the next big thing. Bringing them under one roof would allow us to explore new boundaries of relaxation. And why not, creativity demands relaxation.

Water Power Player, Futuristic Gadget, Ting Feng
Ting Feng from China has come with a unique design to generate musical notes in water. The design constitutes of two parts, a blast-off machine base and a player. The device uses the kinetic energy of water to generate electricity to power a specially made battery and hence drive the player to play your favorite music. The player is designed to stay afloat throughout its operation. Water is powerful and sensitive enough to damage any electronic device. If this design works out, we need not fear water when enjoying the music through a portable player. Now, that‘s creativity coming out of a relaxed mind.
Next time, you are in one of the swimming pools, you have to just place several of these players all around the pool. You would surely relish the fun of floating in a musical world.

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