Volkswagen E-Scooter

Volkswagen E-Scooter, Electric Vehicle
When everyone was speculating about what would be Volkswagen’s new car arrival in the Shanghai Motor Show, the German automotive giant unveiled a battery-powered two-wheeler called the E-Scooter. That was indeed a surprise to the media and auto worlds.

Weighing approximately 44 pounds (without its nickel metal hydride battery), this lightweight E-Scooter features a 350-watt electric motor and boasts a range of 25 miles and a top speed of 30 miles per hour. Power comes from the nickel metal hydride battery, which is small and light enough to be removed and charged indoors.
Volkswagen E-Scooter, Green vehicle
While talking to the media, Volkswagen’s director of design for China, Simon Loasby, said that the E-Scooter’s range could be extended with a lithium-ion battery pack. You can also enhance the performance of this two-wheeler with a 700-watt electric motor.
Volkswagen E-Scooter, Eco vehicle
Loasby said, “Our idea was to come up with a solution for affordable mobility in megacities like Shanghai, and to give people who’ve never owned a car a way into the Volkswagen brand. The E-Scooter isn’t covered in Volkswagen badges, but you know it’s a Volkswagen from the shape of the frame, the detailing of the head- and taillight, and the premium quality of the product.”
Volkswagen E-Scooter, Future vehicle
However, selling the E-Scooter in China will not easy. “There are already 20 million electric scooters a year sold in China,” Loasby said. “Typically they cost about $500, and they’re quite cheap, disposable things. There’s no reason why we couldn’t fit premium features to one – LED lights, glossy plastics, a nicely trimmed leather seat and a sophisticated trip computer – and still charge less than $1000 for it.”
Volkswagen is planning to roll out a fleet of E-Scooters in 2012 in China and will offer a price less than $1000. If this scheme becomes successful, the company will launch this little ride worldwide.

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