KIA Naimo Concept

KIA Naimo, 2011 Seoul Motor Show
The all new Kia-Naimo, the electric crossover concept by South Korean designers, stole the show single handedly in its world premiere at the 2011 Seoul Motor Show. The masculine touch is the distinguishing feature adding to its huge sale figures.

KIA Naimo, Future car
The electric car has been appropriately fitted with a wrap-around windscreen, an asymmetric sunroof, and the front and rear ends are enmeshed with dot-styled LED heads and positioning-lamps.
After Ray and Pop, Naimo is the third electric car to be launched by Kia in the past year. Their ideas are unique, that’s for sure. Geared with a power output of 110hp and 206 pound-feet of torque, the four seater crossover has an inbuilt Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor, and to top it all, the car can reach a top speed of 93 mph.
Eco vehicle, KIA Naimo, Futuristic interior
Some other good to know information about this compact little Korean machine is; it comes fitted with a twin-pack 27 kWh battery located under the boot, a Lithium Ion Polymer battery which can make the car run at 124 miles on a single charge, the charging time being around 5 hours or so. The battery charging also is a hassle free technique. You can charge your battery with a regular household power outlet, avoiding frequent trips to the garage.
Future Car, KIA Naimo, Futuristic Interior
Kia is proud of this contraption as it is the 3rd car to have been introduced in its existing zero emission fleet of hybrid cars and they look forward to many more in the near future. If all companies start producing such kind of cars, it would not take us very long to get rid of the high levels of pollution our earth suffers everyday.

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