. AIDA 2.0 System (Video)

AIDA 2.0 System, 3D display
Our immersive world of technology and its integration into our lives has led to immensely profound lifestyle where in life without technology would be unthinkable. Automobile industry for example has greatly benefited from the advancements made in technology and now one of the pioneers in cutting edge inventions, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has introduced a one of a kind in car navigation system that not only tells you which way to turn, but also shows the route all across your car’s dashboard in the form of a holograph. We are talking about the all new AIDA 2.0 system.

Short for Affective Intelligent Driving Agent, this incredible navigation system works by understanding the driver’s mood and the to-be destinations that the system learns about via social interactions with the driver. Unlike the preceding system, the AIDA that essentially called for a small robot to sit on the car’s dashboard, the all new AIDA 2.0 systematically shows a 3D layout of the area on the dashboard thus showing you on which route you are and which route needs to be taken. Apart from the navigation aspect, AIDA 2.0 also enables the drivers to control various other features of the car, such as AC, stereo etc. While providing near accurate navigation, AIDA 2.0 takes into account various factors including real time road conditions, weather, traffic conditions, etc. Even though the technology is truly remarkable and state of the art, yet to many such a 3D display on the dashboard might prove to be quite a major distraction while on the road.
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