Electric Motorcycle By Matthew Law

Electric Motorcycle, Matthew Law
Personal electric vehicles and motorcycles have always struggled to capture the ordinary masses’ attention as they are in their formative years yet. Many designers have come up with realistic ideas and promises of electric motor performances that are suited for road and race tracks both. Here is a futuristic design by Matthew Law, who does not simply add an electric battery to a conventional exotic sports bike, but instead designs a retro-futuristic, steam-punk style motorbike that uses modern manufacturing technology and looks as the bikes of future – say year 2020.

Future Motorcycle, Matthew Law
The inspiration for this model comes from various backgrounds. The linear elements are designed after cafe racers and retro motorcycles. The “hunched look” of the bike is inspired from the current street fighters. There is a block on the side of the bike for battery storage. You’ll find a cylinder holder underneath which holds a high power motor. When the motorcycle rides on high speeds, the side ribs light up emitting bright light.
Electric Motorbike, Matthew Law
Designer: Matthew Law
Source:  DesignBuzz.com

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