Combination Mobile And Home Phone Concept

combination, future phone
It is rather strange to call a phone ‘Combination’ – but since this is a concept, anything goes! Combination, as you know by now, is a cell phone concept that will come with a uniform faceplate, although you do have the ability to throw in modular components on the other side of it. These modular parts will make sure that your components are always up to snuff, and a charging dock for the handset also functions as a transmission hub, turning the handset into a normal home phone. The last bit sounds pretty redundant, since a cell phone in the house is far more mobile than a wireless home phone, don’t you think so? Not to mention that you need not remember yet another phone number as part of your contact details. One thing’s for sure – those who want to jump aboard the touchscreen bandwagon will have to give this concept a miss if it ever rolls off the production line.


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