Piece Of Cake Payment System

Future Financial gadget, Piece Of Cake Payment System
Paying for a friend’s meal could mean pinching the pockets for those who make sufficient money to fund only their own expenses. But it could get really uncomfortable to go out in the open and declare that you’re going Dutch. Even if it were a pre-decided deal between friends, splitting the bill under the public gaze could be a bit embarrassing. Here’s a restaurant payment system that could relieve you of the embarrassment and the calculations. It is called ‘Piece of Cake’ and it is a calculator that assists groups who wish to pay for a meal by going Dutch.

After the meal, an individual’s item can be highlighted on Piece of Cake’s LCD touchscreen display and the individual inserts his/her credit card. The amounts get deducted as per each person’s liability and these way calculations become a piece of cake! Hope each restaurant gets its own Piece of Cake soon for us and their own sake as well!
Source:  DesignLaunches.com

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