Frantom-E and Frantom-R Enclosed Motorcycle Concepts (video)

future motorcycle, Frantom-E, Frantom-R
The US-based firm Unknown American Choppers has brought about two impressive concept designs for a car and a chopper. Inspired by the movie TRON:Legacy, they have created the good looking, yet mean machines! The motorcycle in the movie has created such an impact on them that they went on to try their own trick.

future motorbike, Frantom-E, Frantom-R
Both, Frantom-E and Frantom-R not only sound stylish, but look stylish as well. The Frantom-E has an excellent white luster body and the Frantom-R trike has a less challenging body (white). The futuristic designs featuring gullwing doors take you to a different zone altogether. Despite some visible differences in the body, both the cockpits are designed the same.
The differences between the two models only relate to the tension: a single-wheel version and a version for the curious trike-R. That these are the custom of the XXII century?
Unknown American Choppers, Frantom-E, Frantom-R
futuristic motorcycle, Frantom-E, Frantom-R
Now that is something we need to wait and watch. Anyhow, the creator deserves accolades for conceptualizing such magical, clairvoyant machines! The creators are sure heading in the right direction with the right amount of creation and innovation accompanying them!
futuristic motorbike, Frantom-E, Frantom-R
future Choppers, Frantom-E, Frantom-R
futuristic Choppers, Frantom-E, Frantom-R
future vehicle, Frantom-E, Frantom-R
future transportation, Frantom-E, Frantom-R

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