Great Wall Voleex Hybrid Car By Dejan Histrov

Great Wall Voleex Hybrid VEHICLE
Coming with the usual imposing and sturdy design, the car gives a very futuristic and modern appeal. The doors on both sides, comes with a transparent glass strip, which gives a clear view of the outside and inside the car. The headlamps and the shape of the chassis, adds to the appeal of the compact vehicle which can be safely termed as compact and aerodynamic.
Great Wall Voleex, Future Car
With the option of charging the car through electricity, the burden on fossil fuel (gasoline in this case) becomes comparatively lesser, as a significant distance can be covered through the engine running on electricity. This results in a sharp fall of carbon emissions from the car, which would otherwise be the case, when it runs on gasoline.
Great Wall Voleex, Future vehicle
Through a single charge of the lithium-ion batteries, the car can cover a maximum distance of up to 80 kilometers before it needs another recharge or conversion to the other fueling option (gasoline). It might not look different at the first sight it, but when one considers cities, where the industries are larger in number and there is a high volume of carbon footprint on a daily basis, such vehicles are obviously a safer and notable option to curtail the amount of carbon emissions.
Great Wall Voleex Hybrid Car
While being lighter on owner’s pockets and having eco friendly credentials included, the Great Wall Volee Hybrid is sure to gain popularity in the times to come, for its new concept.
Designer: Dejan Histrov

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