Lotus Flower Concept Car By Yi Guo

Lotus Flower, Future Car, Yi Guo
The Chinese are a race known for their extreme knowledge in every field. They excel in whatever they do and they are the leading country today, developed and looking for more development. The recent discovery however, is by Yi GUO, a young boy who is a budding talent in the automobile industry. His creation is inspired by the structure of the lotus flower! The concept of building a car based on the structure of this flower is something only they can do. The purpose of this is to solve lots of parking issues taking into consideration the near future. Lotus flower gains power from electric wheel motor in the back wheel and this structure too is inspired by lotus flower petal. By creating a compact car like this, he is trying to sort traffic jams across the city.

Lotus Flower, Future Vehicle, Yi Guo
The sole motive behind building this car is to reduce the traffic jams that cause congestion in the city. The plan is not only to make these lotus cars but also to have separate provision for parking them. This means that the parking slots for lotus cars will be different; facing the sun so that the cars get charged. This takes less of space as the car in itself is quite sleek. The initiative is being taken so that there is more space to drive on the roads of crowded places like Shanghai and Beijing.
Eco vehicle, Lotus Flower, Futuristic Car, Yi Guo
This concept may turn out to be very expensive as a lot of infrastructure will be needed to make room for lotus parking. Another expense would be of the solar panels that are needed to charge these kind of cars.
Lotus Flower, Green Car, Yi Guo
To have a vision is one thing and to execute it is another. If Yi GUO feels the need to bring about the concept of the lotus car, it is only keeping in mind the reduction in traffic jams once this hits the market. The lotus shape will just prove beneficial in the near future by consuming less parking space and in turn reducing jams on the roads.
Designer: Yi Guo
Source: EcoFriend.com

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