. Blue Dream II-Green Superyacht By Aras Kazara

Blue Dream II-Green, Superyacht, Aras Kazara
Yachts have always been known for their eminence, catering to the proverbial ‘high’ society historically, since Charles II of England selected this vessel of choice on his return to Britain from Holland, for his restoration. And now it will take the eminent and rather important ‘green’ step forward, with innovative conceptions such as Blue Dream II-Green coming into the market.

Blue Dream II-Green, Future yacht, Aras Kazara
Designed by Aras Kazar, this 67m long marine craft will feature a simplistic exterior, which would be rather in stark contrast with its ostentatious interior. Constructed from steel and aluminum, the four deck superyacht will have a capacity for 12 guests including her owner and captain. The spatial zoning will be efficiently envisaged with two guest suites situated on the main deck and a further two suites on the lower deck for up to six guests. The master suite will incorporate a plethora of luxury elements like a private office, a bar and even a Jacuzzi. The main deck will be divided into a main lounge area, a formal dining/conference room, a library, a gym and two Jacuzzis. The interior color combination is touted to be chocolate brown with a pristine white theme.
Blue Dream II-Green, Eco yacht, Aras Kazara
Now moving on to the sustainable elements, the craft will feature an advanced array of solar panels. The exterior will be designed in such a way so as to allow the optimum usage of clean solar energy for all the on-board facilities and systems. Aras Kazar says:
“Blue Dream II is an environment friendly yacht that will generate 100 per sent of its electricity from the sun. The superyacht has been designed to provide 360 degree views of the ocean thanks to large windows.”
Blue Dream II-Green, Luxury yacht, Aras Kazara
The performance specs are estimated to be as follows – the yacht will have a top speed of 30 knots and a cruising range of 2,500 nm at 20 knots.
Blue Dream II-Green, Futuristic yacht, Aras Kazara
Blue Dream II-Green, Eco yacht, Aras Kazara
Designer: Aras Kazara
Source: Eco Friend

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