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ModuLab – Futuristic Computer Lab For The Year of 2015

ModuLab, Computer Lab 2015
The New Experience of Learning is completely a novel concept that exemplifies the computer lab of 2015. This design concept emphasizes the future of learning that will be based on touch points connected together in order to create mutual stations controlled by one computer server.

ModuLab, Computer Lab 2015
The main objective of this project is to discover how an international company would prepare for both social as well as technological changes in the student society and their prospects from a learning environment. This project has been co-designed with Ala’a Alghufaili and Junjie Piao, and carried out in partnership with Dell. All computing units together with other devices are connected to one another through one server. This helps IT people to deal with one single computer rather than having to deal with roomful of computers. This mechanism saves time and money when it comes to upgrading the computers. The computing units are mounted over the station, when not in use. Therefore, there is no room for covering unnecessary space. There is no mess of cables and no accidents as the computing units employ wireless electricity. Employing two units simultaneously will help get an additional screen. This new concept offers flexibility and easy in forming study groups.
ModuLab, Computer Lab 2015
ModuLab, Futuristic Computer Lab
ModuLab, Future Lab
ModuLab, Future Computer

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