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Sign – Solar-powered Cellphone By Joseph K. Lee

Sign, Future Solar-powered Cellphone, Joseph K. Lee
With so many handsets available on the market, one still craves for a phone that is unique. The biggest headache is to charge a phone with cords. And if one forgets to carry a charger, then the dwindling battery will make sure you get frustrated every time it signals. Fret no more! Joseph K. Lee has designed a phone named “Sign” which utilizes the rays of the sun to charge the phone’s battery up to 80%.

Sign, Eco Cellphone, Joseph K. Lee
Based on functionality in use is the screen which makes the whole operating experience amazing. Sign has a spotless facade, which is even, has a concealed screen and uses transparent OLED. Number, text, icon, image, etc. can be made to appear when required as the keypad area is also OLED pixel area. Teamed with a thin white glass is the solar panel positioned at the rear of the phone, which accepts the sun’s rays.
Sign, Solar-powered Cellphone, Joseph K. Lee
Sign, Solar Cellphone, Joseph K. Lee
Designer: Joseph K. Lee

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