Nimbell Electric City Tractor

Nimbell Electric City Tractor
The Electric City Tractor project was all about designing a conceptual city tractor, which works entirely on electricity. A team of entrepreneurs at the Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship worked on the concept and developed it. Eventually, it was used by Nimbell Motors to get investors for their company. According to the team members, ensuring perfect balance between the eco friendliness of the tractor and its credibility was a tough task. After comprehensive user studies and complete understanding of ergonomics, a life size mock-up was built. The design team which in totality had eight members was bifurcated, with each team having four members each. The work load was evenly divided, with one team handling the interiors and the other being responsible for the exterior expressions.

Electric Tractor
Every person who owns a farm knows the importance of using electric tractors. However, if you are going to buy a tractor, then initially you may be only concerned about the budget, the type of work you need to do with the tractor, how much land you need to work and in which months of the year you will be using your tractor. After being satisfied with all these parameters you really get concerned about how much energy-efficient and environmentally friendly your tractor is. But this mindset needs to be changed. As the time is progressing, so is the technology, making our machines more nature friendly. The Nimbell Electric City Tractor is certainly a step forward toward ensuring sustainable development, which is the need of the hour.
Electric Vehicle
Green vehicle, Nimbell Electric City Tractor
Future vehicle, Nimbell Electric City Tractor

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