RUGGED Concept Vehicle By Carlos Arturo Torres

RUGGED Vehicle, Carlos Arturo Torres
Here is a design that has given local farm transportation an all new look with flashy features and great utility. Especially in a country like Columbia, where agriculture is a primary occupation, this new and advanced transportation model spells revolution. Till lately, the local farm transportation has been extremely expensive and slow and not designed specially for the Columbia topology. Rugged is a design that stands true to its name and performs in the most rugged conditions in absolute grit.

RUGGED, Future Vehicle, Carlos Arturo Torres
Structured and designed by a Columbian design enthusiast, this new automotive design unlike others has a clear utility function. Carlos Arturo Torres Tovar from Tunja Boyacá, Colombia understands the real needs and demands of the agriculture industry in Columbia and designs precisely to suit them. Needless to say, this design enjoys exceptional success.
RUGGED, Future Transport, Carlos Arturo Torres
Aimed as a simple to use and inexpensive vehicle, the design is based on the tubular technology. Rugged has a bio-diesel powertrain adapted to a 250cc inline-four engine, which makes it come across as a semi-utilitarian car. Even the interiors of this vehicle is carefully designed, keeping in mind the functional needs of the people using it. The seats, the floor, the technology and systems in place are all customized to the specifications that the vehicle caters to.
RUGGED, Future Truck, Carlos Arturo Torres
It is a known fact that the Columbia agriculture industry is going to see a rising trend in the near future. Agriculture and natural resources will likely be its prime economic force. So, quite obviously, a new and path breaking technology had to be introduced to take into account the increasing needs of the industry. And RUGGED does the same…
RUGGED Concept, Carlos Arturo Torres
RUGGED Vehicle, Carlos Arturo Torres
Rugged farm transportation, Carlos Arturo Torres
RUGGED, Columbia farm transportation, Carlos Arturo Torres
Designer: Carlos Arturo Torres Tovar

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