No Land in Sight – Self Sustainable Houseboat

No Land in Sight, Future Watercraft, Self Sustainable Houseboat
This conscientious yet meticulously thought out notion could truly be a dream come true for the bevy of ‘closet’ marine adventurers. The ingenious idea calls for a self sustainable houseboat, whose occupants can roam and travel around the world (provided they have flexible jobs). The innovative features of the boat are to be incorporated at such a high level, so that it can sustain them for a period of more than 3 months without any outside help.

No Land in Sight, Future Houseboat
According to designer Ruben Constanço, the boat should only constitute of components that allude to the basic needs of the occupants. And in a righteous bid to provide that, he came up with a hydrofoil (liquid-based structure that provides lift), kite sailboat, whose uniquely ultimate form was defined by the fusion of shapes of exotic marine animals like manta rays and hammerhead sharks and the silent demeanor of secretive crafts. The kite shape itself will provide for better comfort as well as greater controls.
No Land in Sight, Future Watercraft, self-sustainable environment
But it’s not only about visual aesthetics, as the houseboat will incorporate a plethora of profusely ‘green’ features. Renewable energies like solar and wind will cater to different on-board systems. An advanced retractable vertical wind turbine will infuse power for a mechanical-vapor-compression desalination system, which in turn will produce drinkable water. The wind from the turbine will also help in aeration for enhancing the speed of biological waste breakdown managed by a compost reservoir. This frees up to 4 times more space than used by conventional waste reservoirs. Moreover the combined electrical system (solar and wind) will contribute to heating during colder seasons.
No Land in Sight, Green House boat
And lastly in an adroit move, the designer also plans to have a sustainable hydroponic garden inside the boat. It can accentuate upon the remaining provisions, by production of ‘boat-grown’ vegetables. The clean water from the desalination system can be used for cultivation.
No Land in Sight, Green Watercraft, Self Sustainable Houseboat
No Land in Sight, Green Yacht, House boat
No Land in Sight, Future Watercraft, Self Sustainable Houseboat
Designer: Ruben Constanço
Source: Eco Friend
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