Futuristic Car Concept By Yuwom Ahn

Futuristic Car, Yuwom Ahn
Yuwom Ahn came up with a new car concept which she called as a ‘heartwarming’ car. The idea behind this unique car was Ahn’s opinion that world lacks kindness which is necessary for peace of mind and serenity. The car has a white outer body that appears like ceramics and a great texture that gives the feeling of softness.

Futuristic vehicle, Yuwom Ahn
The color definitely soothes the mind and gives the message of peace to the world. When you stroke the body of the car, a drawing appears on its surface giving an impression of active model showing layouts in the current form.
Future Car, Yuwom Ahn
Driver and passengers can easily get inside the car over the low left board. The seats are placed in such a way that the people sitting inside the car can easily communicate and look around. In her car design, she didn’t add any lid to the boot and it is accessible very conveniently from both sides, outside and the cockpit.
concept Car, Yuwom Ahn
In the words of the designer:
“My concept is ‘Stroking’. I designed the car with great volume and interesting factors like head lamps for good stroking, used materials for good tactile sense and graphics will respond to human’s stroking.”
Her attempt to render the society with a distinct and unique car seems to be accomplished. She derives the idea of this car from the present day world. Ahn wants to engage the users to this fantabulously designed.car “This car is not a cold machine but one that has a softer touch, which can interact with human emotion. It warms the user’s heart”, beams Ahn.
Futuristic auto, Yuwom Ahn
Designer: Yuwom Ahn
Source: AutoMotto.com

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