Nucleus – Two-Wheel Electric Vehicle By Niklas Wejedal

Nucleus, Two-Wheel Electric Vehicle, Niklas Wejedal
If you are a perfect city commuter and feel absolutely hopeless about the traffic situation, then this Nucleus Car Concept is made for you. Looking at huge SUVs and sedans with just one person in it, adding to the traffic jam, you are sure thinking of being the trend-setter, maneuvering a small and smart car. Inspired by the rather mounting traffic situations on the road, Niklas Wejedal pioneered a futuristic car model that leaves no lack in both, the aspects of comfort and style.

Nucleus, Two-Wheel car, Niklas Wejedal
This car is made based on the Segway-technology and has a 2 wheel electric drive. These wheels are completely covered with the front, rear and blinker lights of the car. The car opens in the forward and upward direction ensuring comfort and ease of access. A small, electric personal mobility vehicle, this one has space for a driver along with one passenger and room for some luggage. A typical contemporary car for medium and small distance travel, you can be sure to avoid traffic trauma. The car silhouette is different and unique and is regarded as the most proficient and sleek looking car in the market.
Nucleus, Future Electric Vehicle, Niklas Wejedal
Technology wise as well, this car scores higher than many others and thereby offers a great experience with tremendous benefits. One of the most prominent advantages of this design is that, it turns to automatic drive during rush hour traffic and smartly balances between fuel and performance efficiency during freeway travel.
Nucleus, Futuristic Electric Car, Niklas Wejedal
The car, is referred to as the Nucleus, because it has in it the core essence of a vehicle, but at the same time it provides for absolute passenger comfort as in a hatchback.
Nucleus, Future Vehicle, Niklas Wejedal
Nucleus, Electric Car, Niklas Wejedal
Nucleus, Green Vehicle, Niklas Wejedal
Nucleus, Future Eco Vehicle, Niklas Wejedal
Nucleus, Two-Wheel Electric Vehicle, Niklas Wejedal
Designer: Niklas Wejedal
Source:  Auto Motto
Futuristic Transportation
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