ReadyMade Magazine Shuts Down

I've always hated corporate-speak, and here's why. This statement here—"Positioning [our company] for continued growth requires periodic realignment of resources, including how we deploy our workforce. These actions will enable us to devote additional resources to key strategic growth initiatives...."—uses two dozen words to say what basically amounts to "You're fired."
Sadly ReadyMade Magazine, described by McNally-Jackson as "perhaps the most Brooklyn of magazines being published in Iowa," is being shut down. The DIY magazine founded by Shoshana Berger and Grace Hawthorne had a good ten-year run, but now parent publisher Meredith Corp. is pulling the plug with that announcement by the CEO in the paragraph above.
I tried to click over to the ReadyMade website to read the farewell message from the editorial team, but at press time the site was no longer functional (possibly from being overwhelmed by visitors!). Here's an excerpt pulled by Mother Nature blogger Matt Hickman:
ReadyMade encouraged people to take a much broader view of what they might consider DIY. In the ReadyMade realm, DIY could mean everything from starting your own business to starting your own band. From building your own dining table out of discarded shipping pallets to growing your own food and cooking your own meal, ReadyMade was about taking your life into your own hands and shaping your own existence in any way you see fit. The ever-growing DIY movement truly encompasses every facet of our existence. The ReadyMade community will continue push DIY into the mainstream by building websites, writing blogs, taking photos, and most importantly, forming coherent opinions that are ours and only ours, and letting those be known. ReadyMade's can-do spirit even in the most dire of circumstances has always been its life-blood and we know it will continue to be the driving force of ReadyMakers in the future. And this will keep us all going.
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