Sofia Design Week 2011: Design Marketo: Lemonade for All!

alex gerome.jpgAlex and Jerome, the duo behind London-based Design Marketo, behind their lemon bar.
London-based Design Marketo orchestrated a great project for Sofia Design Week. This time their temporary hangout place and pop-up shop was all related to lemons, in particular lemonade.
lemon toys.jpg
A variety of really nice design objects was on show, commissioned specifically for this event. My favorite object is Lemon Toys by Loris & Livia, a new interpretation of the classical wooden lemon squeezer, made from upcycled vintage and new wooden staircase parts.
lemonatus mix straw.jpg
The Lemonatus mixing straw, designed by Julian Bond, allows you to enjoy a glass of "fresh-squeezed" lemonade instantaneously: One straw goes into the lemon, the other into a glass of water. Suck, and both liquids mix in the upper mixing chamber, et voila, you get your lemonade. It really works!
lemon bread.jpg
One of the workshops that Design Marketo offered was about creating lemon bread.
wodka ginger lemonade.jpgFor their opening night, Design Marketo provided a yummy ginger honey vodka lemonade— it looks and tastes like a piece of art.
lemonator.jpgThe Lemonator lemon squeezer with a removable silicon lemon designed by Studioduho.
lemon room.jpgVisitors enjoying lemonade, lemon bread, fruit spring rolls and lemon cookies in the nice location.
lemon candle.jpg

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