Rotator MP3 Player By Denis Kalinin

Rotator MP3 Player, future music gadget, Denis Kalinin
It can be quite frustrating when your mp3 player runs out of charge. Well, you can carry the charger anywhere, however, where would you find an appropriate plug to insert the cord? If this is your greatest worry, then Rotator is just ideal for you. Rotator is a cheap mp3 player that permits the user to control and modify the music using device-around-the-finger rotation. Not only does this mp3 player help in controlling volume levels, but it even recharges when you rotate it this way. If you need to recharge anytime, anywhere, just rotate it and you are done! People who have the custom habit rotating stuffs in fingers would find this mp3 player quite interesting. With a seamless integration of innovation and functionality, this cute little mp3 player would fulfill your quench for music.

Rotator MP3 Player, future music gadget, Denis Kalinin
Designer: Denis Kalinin

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