Virtual Frame By Juan Pablo Giraldo (video)

Virtual Frame, Future Gadget, Juan Pablo Giraldo
To tap the rising incomparability of the gaming world, designer Juan Pablo Giraldo has developed the “Virtual Frame.” Identical to the name, the Virtual Frame is a portable gaming console sort of a device, which integrates the blend of virtual reality to set it apart from the game consoles like the Nintendo DS and PSP. Well, while the latter have an established market space and enjoy supremacy of their own, the Virtual Frame isn’t a bad conceptualization of what the future of gaming industry and innovative social behaviors could be. Featuring Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a camera with a translucent touchscreen display, the Virtual Frame along with a virtually enhanced gaming experience, lets gamers invite and set gathering points to conduct gaming meets. A great prospect for the days after gesture controlled and 3D gaming consoles. Hit the jump to see a video representation of the Virtual Frame.

Virtual Frame, Game Gadget, Juan Pablo Giraldo
Virtual Frame, Portable Console, Juan Pablo Giraldo
Designer: Juan Pablo Giraldo

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