Sunbeam Tiger Concept By Ryan Skelley

Sunbeam Tiger, Electric vehicle, Ryan Skelley
With the advancements in the field of batteries and electric motors, new transportation concepts are popping up, promising high performance and stylish design. The new “Sunbeam Tiger Concept” is another concept that can answer the question raised on the performance and speed of electric cars as compared to other vehicles. The concept was designed as a part of final year project of Coventry University’s design course by Ryan Skelley. It’s a two-seater lightweight vehicle powered by a lithium-titanate battery pack. That means a zero emission engine with better performance.

Sunbeam Tiger, Green vehicle, Ryan Skelley
If you remember, the Sunbeam Tiger holds the land speed record achieved in 1925. This new concept can be considered as a rebirth of its previous version. Theoretically, the vehicle can achieve a 0-60 mph speed in 2.3 seconds and can go up to an electronically limited 160mph top speed. Once the battery is fully charged, which will take 4 hours with an optional charger, the Sunbeam can take you up to 800 miles. It’s not at all a bad performance for an electric car.
Sunbeam Tiger, Electric Car, Ryan Skelley
A zero emission engine is not the only factor that makes this ride environmentally friendly, but even the materials used in construction also include eco-friendly material. Recycled aluminum makes the chassis that also features integrated rollover protection for the user. Body panels are made from hemp fiber and are eco-painted as well. Further, making it more ethical, the design incorporates an interior made from soy foam seats covered with natural bio-fabric.
Wait, it wasn’t the last eco-friendly feature; lastly we have tires made up of cornstarch and natural fiber for the brake pads. Honestly, if this concept ever hits the road, it will be a green landmark.
Designer: Ryan Skelley
Source:  Eco Friend

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