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Crowd Notebook, Philipp Schaake
Notebooks and tablets have become a hot favorite amongst the tech-savvy population. In the crowded world of such gadgets, Philipp Schaake, from Germany, has designed a concept notebook christened Crowd. The computing device can act both as a notebook and a tablet.

Crowd, Future Notebook, Philipp Schaake
The novel idea will ensure a unique interaction between users and their PCs. Just like gadgets in a sci-fi movie, which have sleek facades and a crisp displays, Crowd will make you experience the same activities in a perceptive and rhythmical way. Expecting an important email, but don’t feel like switching on your laptop? With Crowd, connect with online activities of your choice and check important information without even opening the piece of equipment.
Crowd Laptop, Philipp Schaake
Crowd is like an interactive playground, which will make the usage experience all the more enjoyable. It presents an overview of all the online activities in a comprehensible and graphical manner for easy understanding. Different sized avatars are displayed on the screen, denoting website history and friends who are presently online. Each size refers to the frequency at which you interact with a person and the number of times you visit a website.
Crowd, Future Laptop, Philipp Schaake
The two screens are held together by a hinge, which endows the user with a flexibility to pull them apart. Now, either exploit it like a regular laptop or use each screen independently. Chat, mail or surf the net with Crowd, and if someone asks you for an extra laptop, simply snap it apart without much thinking.
Crowd, Futuristic Laptop, Philipp Schaake
Crowd, Futuristic Notebook, Philipp Schaake
Crowd, Future Computer, Philipp Schaake
Designer: Philipp Schaake

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