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Shu Uemura Times, Alarm Clock, SEAN LIAO
Make-up artists are so packed with work during shows that they often lose track over time. So, it becomes difficult for them to keep time under such circumstances. Sean Lio has designed an alarm clock, named Shu Uemura Times, which will fit in any artist’s make-up kit.

Shu Uemura Times, Future Clock, SEAN LIAO
Glamor world requires people to be on their toes always. They have to run from one place to the other and make sure models look nothing but angelic. This means dividing time intelligently, which will make them look professional and waste least time. The industrial designer has crafted the alarm clock keeping the requirements of make-up artists in mind. It has been given an interface that comes sans any complications and is 5 inches long, 1.5 inches wide and 1.5 inches in height. Simple operation and user-friendly qualities will make it an instant hit. To set time, timer and schedule, what one needs to do is click on the button placed on the top.
Shu Uemura Times, Futuristic Clock, SEAN LIAO
The easy to carry timepiece has been split into three modes: alarm clock mode, appointment mode and counting mode for performing important functions. One can easily switch between different modes with the help of a simple rotating knob. The right side of the timepiece has been embedded with a button, which will set the required mode. The normal alarm clock mode will work like any other clock and notify the user about the time of an upcoming event or show. As the name suggest, the appointment mode will help an artist keep a track on the important events that will follow as the day passes. When working for a big show, artists are expected to dress a lot of models. The counting mode will help keep a close check when working with a lot of people.
Shu Uemura Times, Fantastic Clock, SEAN LIAO
An artist can choose this handy option from an array of colors. Shu Uemura Times will help make-up artists utilize precious time and keep a track on their activities in a sensible manner.
Shu Uemura Times, Clock Concept, SEAN LIAO
Designer: SEAN LIAO

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