Amazing Facts about Renewable Solar Energy

The life on earth is dependent on solar energy and the smallest form of life like the microbes and plankton are also dependent on the solar energy for their survival. Solar energy is an environment friendly energy that is devoid of any carbon emissions which lead to pollution. It can be utilized productively and cost effectively across the world. You don’t have to reside in a desert to benefit from solar energy!
At present the inexpensive way to use the renewable solar energy in your homes in by using solar water heating systems or by making your own solar panels. This energy can be effectively used to warm your homes during winter and cool it during summer. The cold north European countries have been using solar energy from past several decades. The advancement in this technology has reached to the level where now, one can substitute it for the grid power. Some other facts about solar energy are:
Solar energy can be used to heat your swimming pools.
Industries are using solar energy to manufacture solar-powered vehicles.
NASA has successfully developed an airplane that can function entirely on solar energy.
How does the renewable solar energy work? Majority of the devices that are powered by solar energy use the photovoltaic cells, which produce electricity as soon as they are exposed to sun rays. These cells consist of panels which comprise of two layers and these layers become positively and negatively charged, once the sunlight falls on them. This leads to the production of electric current, which can be connected to the main supply of your house, and used to run your electric devices like computers, phones and blenders.
The amount of electricity produced depends on the size of the solar panel, strong sun rays and length of exposure to sun rays.
All this may seem like a rocket science, but the fact is that this is a very simple to make. You can start producing your electricity over the weekend. However for this you need to understand and follow the concepts, which are readily available on the Internet in the form of manuals or guides.
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