Amazing Solar Energy Facts the Future of Australian Homes and Cities

Amazing Solar Energy Facts  the Future of Australian Homes and Cities.

If you compare the dimension of the earth to the sun, you can comfortably fit over 1 million Earths inside it! If you are fascinated by the force of the earth’s gravity then beware of the colossal sun’s gravitational pull; the enormous pressure pulverises molecules, breaking them up into smaller components, and this breakdown produces a great deal of energy combined with other molecular components, which reaches the earth in 8.3 minutes in the form of sunlight. – Then the magic starts!
The sunlight carries two types of energy; the 1st is the light energy, which can then be manipulated by the solar panels to produce electricity, and the 2nd is heat energy which used by the solar hot water systems to produce a continuous flow of hot water.
The major challenge that we face with solar energy is that the sunlight isn’t available for 24 hours and even in the daytime continuous supply isn’t guaranteed, due to many factors. However countries like Australia are blessed with more than enough sunlight strength to provide useful energy production in summer even on cloudy days. The growth of solar technology has been rapid; if you turn your clock back a few decades ago, harnessing the sun’s energy wasn’t possible in any way, but today we have solar PV technology as the prime carrier of solar energy’s viability.
Australia is one of the leading nations in solar technological advances. Not only do we have perfect climatic conditions, but also the geographical capabilities and knowledge; Australia gave birth to the top solar scientist in world! But one major disadvantage to our widespread use of solar technology was the very size of our country and the logistical difficulties to overcome because of that, and so our earlier advancements got bogged down due to financial difficulties and other countries soon overtook us.
Fortunately though in the last couple of years extensive Government funding combined with technological breakthroughs has made solar energy much cheaper to obtain and so more accessible to every householder. Also  rapid improvements in manufacturing technology means it’s now possible to have much better power generation from the same size of panel system, so that an average roof space is more likely to be able to produce enough power to cover a considerable portion of your existing electricity bill.
Aside from household Solar use becoming more and more widespread, the really exciting news for both our environment and the Australian economy are the large commercial aspects now being pursued;  huge scale commercial solar power parks are being established in an attempt to generate the massive clean energy production necessary for large corporations to be able to bypass our dependence on traditional fossil fuel “dirty” energy sources, mainly coal.
This is where the proposed Carbon Tax will be hugely influential as it is designed to make it cheaper for industry and corporations to purchase clean renewable solar energy using “Solar Credits” then to continue to use electricity produced via dirty energy…….we will have to wait and see exactly what happens in Parliament for that one, but certainly this scheme or something similar seems  the only likely way for Australia to meet their emission target requirements for 2020.
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