Plica – Flexible Silicon Phone By Nick Trincia

Plica Flexible Silicon Phone, Nick Trincia
We’ve seen flap phones before. But a phone that resembles a wallet sure is something never heard of before. Nick Trincia came up with the Plica phone. Encased in a flexible silicone body, this one behaves like a wallet. Folding the phone in half enables it to offer multiple positions for talking, messaging, gaming, movie watching. Also, owing to the fact that it uses a silicon body, the Plica is flexible, durable and water resistant too. It also features a built-in fingerprint reader that unlocks the phone. Complete with a high-resolution video camera that can be used for video chatting; this one also packs Bluetooth facilities and charges up using induction.

A revolutionary phone design indeed, this one sure isn’t breaking to pieces every time you drop it down.
Designer: Nick Trincia

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