Subcom Underwater Radio By Nichola Trudgen

Subcom Underwater Radio, Nichola Trudgen
Underwater divers face problems communicating from below the surface of water. They make use of gestures, which can be misread many times. This may lead to some serious problems in case of an emergency. Keeping all these factors in mind, Nichola Trudgen has designed the Subcom underwater radio.

Underwater gadget, Nichola Trudgen
The device has been specially designed for Marine Biologists for Tait Radio Communications. It comes draped in easy-to-use technology that has been clubbed with attractive features. Subcom Radio is strapped around the wrist before the diver goes under water. If someone sends a message, he will be informed with a vibration. The communication gadget will ingeniously exploit text and voice recognition technology. A message will flash on the wide screen that the diver will be able to read clearly. The gadget has Yes or No buttons plus digits from 0-9, which the diver can use to send a response.
Underwater device, future radio Radio, Nichola Trudgen
The underwater radio communication gadget is light in weight and comes wrapped with latest features. Subcom is an ingenious device that has made technology dive in water as well.
Subcom Underwater Radio, Nichola Trudgen
Subcom Underwater Radio, Nichola Trudgen
Subcom Underwater Radio, Nichola Trudgen
Subcom Radio, Nichola Trudgen
Designer: Nichola Trudgen
Source: DesignBuzz.ocm

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